WHO South-East Asia’s first social media initiative

November 1, 2010

Ten days ago, WHO South East Asia launched their first social media outreach effort (designed by us!), aiming to engage people in the issue of hospitals safe in disasters. This new approach  is part of their ongoing work to make South-East Asia more disaster prepared. The initiative is spearheaded by a Facebook reaction test application and a simple message: disasters destroy in seconds – WHO needs you to react fast. The app invites people to test how quickly they can respond and to challenge friends to beat their time. Each reaction counts towards building the wave of public support WHO now needs to push decision-makers (who committed to this issue last year) in to making hospitals safe.  This is also a first step towards a longer term social media approach to emergency response communication.

More than 25,000 people responded in first days, medical bloggers and media covered the campaign  and new partners, like SlideShare, have come on board.  We’ll continue to help WHO reach out to new audiences and partners over the next months!