WHO launches online drive for hospitals safe from disasters

April 7, 2009

Today, on World Health Day, WHO has launched a drive to make hospitals in South-East Asia safe from disasters. The email and web-based campaign, WHO’s first, aims to gather support from 1 million people. With the public’s help, WHO will call on leaders to invest in this area to prevent future, needless loss of life.

Health facilities are lifelines in the aftermath of natural disasters. But because they are often not built safely, they fail when they are most needed – when communities have been hardest hit. Yet it only costs 4% more to include disaster protection in to design and 1% to retrofit hospitals so they continue to function, keeping health workers and communities safe.

The campaign, developed by M4ID, urges people to participate by setting a brick, helping to rebuild (virtually) a destroyed hospital.

Join the campaign by placing your brick at Click a Brick.