Web4Dev 2010: Webtools for Development

February 17, 2010

Web for Development – a community devoted to applying Internet related technologies towards the achievement of the UN’s Development Goals – will be organizing its sixth annual conference in Brazil 25-26 February. The conference focuses on developing governance and management of web strategies, as well as facilitates innovative dialogue around the issue.

The specific objectives of the UNESCO- hosted Web4Dev conference are:

  • Fostering an intergovernmental dialogue, exploring existing similarities between UN and national governments with relevant background on Internet use as development tool, as well as potential complementarities and joint actions
  • Exploring learning opportunities, knowledge sharing, and best practices exchange between UN and national government participants on designing and implementing integrated web policies, regulatory frameworks, engagement strategies and on-line expressions
  • Improving coordination and synergies within the UN Web System, aiming at a more efficient “Delivering as One” online

The event presents a range of keynote speakers from UN agencies and web 2.0 professionals from companies and non-profits, who share the passion for leveraging web tools for development. Related workshops and brainstorming sessions will also take place including events like Wiki-camp, focusing on challenges and opportunities of future online collaboration. The event will take a broad focus, themes ranging from professional knowledge exchange and application of tools in the developing country context to engaging global audiences in development work.