UN and social media

September 8, 2011

It’s interesting to follow how the UN and the Secretary-General (SG) Ban Ki-Moon have stepped up their social media use recently.  On August 8th, in honour of World Humanitarian Day, the SG launched a month long YouTube driven contest where citizens, through a 30-second video, pitch to him their idea of what the world needs in order to be a better place for all.    The winners become ‘Citizen Ambassadors’ to the UN and win a trip to NY.  Now, on September 13th, anyone can join him in a ‘global conversation’, streamed live on Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Livestream and the UN Webcast.   The UN has also gathered a very impressive line-up of speakers and attendees for the Social Good Summit (which we’re also attending), held in parallel with the MDG summit in NY.

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