Twitter How To: Hashtags

May 25, 2009

M4ID is getting an increasing nr of queries from partners about Twitter use, so we’ll post a few microblogging ‘how to’s  over the next weeks, starting with hashtags:

What are Twitter hashtags? Hashtags are a way of sorting and structuring the information overload that is on Twitter: when affixed with a hash symbol “#”, information can be traced, organized and put in context .  For example, an event organizer can mark tweets ‘#nameofevent’ and then easily search ‘#nameofevent’ to view a real-time stream of tweets about the event.   More info on hasthags can be found on:

1. has a directory of hashtags on Twitter. The website also shows statistical trends of the most recent and most popular #.

2. What the Trend is a great website for finding out what is trending on Twitter and why.

3. is a user-generated wiki with extensive information on Twitter hashtagging.

4. Twemes is somewhat like Users are able to track hashtags they are interested in and RSS subscription to any # stream.

5. Twubs uses a wiki based system to organize hashtags into categories. Twubs also uses Twitpic for importing pictures related to the search. In addition to automatically aggregating # content from Twitter and Twitpic, Twubs also adds user-generated content from YouTube, Vimeo, RSS feeds, web sites to the search results.