Time to Meet Supporter Expectations

August 7, 2009

Over the past weeks, we’ve been thinking a lot about the way in which online user expectations and information sourcing/handling habits have evolved and how this impacts on social change initiatives.  It’s clear that people supporting causes no longer want to be passive ‘consumers’ of publications or recipients of one-way messages, instead, they expect:

•    Participation, collaboration
•    Connecting to a community, a web of people, that pools power and collectively contributes to a goal
•    Highly visualized information
•    Embeddable, easily sharable information/tools
•    Streaming of news (snippets, at high speed, in chronological order)
•    Interestingly presented concepts, using latest technology
•    Tools, rewards that add to self-expression or ‘capital’ online
•    Establishment of contact with others in their chosen community (building so-called ‘ambient intimacy’)

We currently see very few initiatives where these elements are included.   Hence, this fall, we’ll develop and share new communicate material on this change, hopefully facilitating the adaption and adoption of the full set of social media tools available for the non-for-profit sector.. stay tuned.