Telling the Katine Story Online

May 29, 2009

In October 2007, the Guardian embarked on a three-year project to support development work carried out by the African Medical and Research Foundation, better known as AMREF (an amazing organization!)  and Farm-Africa in Katine, a rural sub-county of north-east Uganda. The Guardian’s dedicated Katine website gives readers and the public the chance to find out about Katine’s people, how donated money is spent, how development works (or doesn’t as is the case sometimes) and how the lives of Katine’s 25,000 inhabitants are changing.

An important part of the Katine project is listening to its residents – giving them an online forum through which to express their views, not just commenting on the project, but on the decisions made by Ugandan politicians in Kampala and other issues that impact their lives.  All of the work going on in Katine is also being captured through the written word, through pictures, audio, and video, with a number of films produced by GuardianFilms.  The site also offers a helpful interactive map of Katine, which allows you to take a virtual tour around the region.   There is a almost an overwhelming amount of information, but one quickly gets lost in the interesting, personal stories and images of Katine..

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