Take & Tell application now online!

May 29, 2015

Fresh off the press: the Take and Tell application now available for iOS and Android. The Take and Tell campaign has been designed for Uppsala Monitoring Center (UMC) to raise awareness of the importance of pharmacovigilance worldwide. The campaign seeks to change the way people view the process of taking medicines and to facilitate dialogue between the doctor and patient.

The newly launched Take and Tell application is designed to help patients track their drug related side effects and report them to their doctor. It’s a user-friendly, notebook-like application that makes it easier for patients to monitor and share information about adverse effects.

The campaign and the application are part of a greater shift in medicine. People want, and should be empowered, to be more involved in managing their own health. Their knowledge also needs to be more efficiently used and UMC seeks, with the help of M4ID, to support this movement through this campaign.

“Every patient is an expert in their own chosen field, namely themselves and their own life” –Emma Hill, Editor, The Lancet.

The Take & Tell application is now available to be downloaded at Take & Tell Check it out!