Supporting family planning advocacy efforts

The Why I Plan project supports Kenyan family planning advocacy efforts
May 11, 2017

The centerpiece of Why I Plan will be a creative campaign which will seek to improve attitudes and mindsets concerning family planning and reframe how it is perceived. The campaign will be designed in close partnership with a creative team from Kenya. We are looking to see if such a campaign can create a public constituency that supports the implementation of modern and youth-friendly family planning policies in a set of counties in Kenya.

Family planning provides options

Traditional advocacy campaigns on family planning often promote the use of contraception or seek to activate direct advocacy to reach politicians. Why I Plan takes a new approach using creative channels and methods to change attitudes and mindsets concerning family planning. Instead of focusing on health, the campaign will explore issues that influence family planning decision-making,

The Why I Plan campaign seeks to create a public facing campaign resonating with a broad audience but will likely target young adults who would like to manage their fertility, now and in the future. The aim of the campaign is to create nationwide dialogue on the topic and introduce a fresh perspective which we hope will garner both local and national media attention. With this type of coverage, we hope to achieve the long term goal of the project: to persuade political decision makers at county level of their importance of family planning and the need for its robust funding.

Deep creative partnerships

The M4ID research team focuses on forming deep and equitable partnerships with Kenyan family planning advocacy groups and creatives. M4ID has been learning about and making connections in the creative scene in Kenya, meeting with local visual artists, musicians, filmmakers and fashion designers and investigating who will be the best partner for the project. This approach ensures a fertile balance between local expertise and knowledge and M4ID research and design experience.

Some recent activities include informal workshops called Creative Cafes during which we sought to understand participants’ perceptions on family, family planning and to gain an understanding of their priorities and ideas of the future for themselves and their country. Workshops such as these ensure that the project is rooted in the local context and reality in order to develop a campaign concept and  message that will effectively resonate for the Kenyan audience.

Next steps

The M4ID team is currently developing a monitoring and evaluation plan and choosing the target counties for the implementation of the campaign.