Social technographics – focusing on Creators and Critics

November 3, 2009

Forrester has over the past three years been investigating people’s participation in social technologies around the world. The research places web users into six categories based on their participation in different online behaviours. Forrester uses the term Social Technographics to describe this segmentation.

The findings are really interesting, and should guide all social media communication efforts (and backs our focus on ‘e-fluencer’ involvement).  In fact, the research finds that the heaviest users of social media are influencers that can be categorized as Creators (those who publish blogs, upload user-generated videos, etc.) and Critics (those who post ratings and reviews, comment on blogs, etc.). These are the people that drive social content – they are the most heavily engaged in online social activities. The good news is that these 2 groups are growing in all countries covered in the research. In Europe, they now comprise one third of all users, whereas in the US the same group represents 61%. What this means in practice is that the potential platform to expose ones message in is becoming larger and that mapping and linking with Creators/Critics relevant to your cause/organization is now, more than ever, key to success online.