Social Media Prototypes Presented at CMI 10th Anniversary

April 20, 2011

The anniversary seminar of the non-profit organisation Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) chaired by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Ahtisaari took place yesterday at the Finnish National Theatre. M4ID and MA course students from Aalto University joined NGOs, business leaders, politicians and Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan in discussing peace mediation and the work of CMI. The seminar was the first of many events taking place during the ‘Ahtisaari Days’, which are aimed at making Finnish mediation work more widely known, with a particular emphasis on the importance of education, information and communications.

We were very pleased to have had the chance to present two new conflict resolution/peace mediation concepts at the event.  One concept, the ‘Peace Pack’, enables the collection/management/archiving of uniting stories (through social media/mobiles).. the other concept is designed to visualize the peace process and supporting activities, focusing on positive/agreed on issues.  We’ll post packages of both here soon.   Below are some rather fuzzy photos of the presentation!