Social good on Mashable

June 23, 2009

Our favourite social media site, Mashable, is this week profiling charitable initiatives that are maximising social media use .. their first post is about LIVESTRONG, the cancer Foundation founded by Lance Armstrong.

The organisation has been using social media in a great manner, from a regularly updated blog, to MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts.  The Foundation doesn’t just have  a presence on these sites, it’s putting these tools to use in innovative ways that allow them to run the organisation’s web community more efficiently and emphasise organisational goals. For example, they use their Flickr account as a tool to pull in photos from supporters at various events and streamline operations by using their Delicious account to power the news feed on the main page of their site. Their Facebook community also serves as an extension of the organisation’s mission of creating an atmosphere of support for those affected by cancer and Twitter has been used to spread news and awareness, and by following search topics, reaching out to people facing cancer treatment. Check out their sites for more.