Social media for social causes study results

April 1, 2009

Qui Diaz, Beth Kanter and Geoff Livingston, working on a study project called “Philanthropy 2.0? , today reported on Mashable about some of  their preliminary findings.. The study, which was carried out a month ago, seeks to determine the potential for nonprofits to reach and cultivate donors online.  The trio has found that there is a major opportunity for nonprofits to participate as ” trusted providers of credible information and ultimately cultivate the next generation of major donors through the social web”.

The survey was carried out among savvy social media users.  Results show that, among this group, trust in social media is significant: 61% of those aged 30-49 trust social networks and blogs to provide important information, as is the case with 44% of those 50 years or older. They also report that, among 30-49 year olds, social media use is very high with 91 % of users participating in social networks, 81 % participating in blogs, and 56 % participating in message boards. Among those 50 and older, 94 % participate in social networks, 78 % participate in blogs, and 60 % participate in message boards.

Participants also highlighted the type of conversations/information they are looking for from non-for-profits:

  • 80% want to learn about organizational impact
  • 74% want to hear success stories
  • 71% would like to learn more about the organizations they are participating with
  • 70% want information on causes they care about
  • and 43% want information on financial accountability

The full report comes out later in Spring, in the meantime, those interested can  join the Community Philanthropy 2.0 group on Facebook.