Share the Love: Mobilizing Support for People Living with HIV/AIDS

November 29, 2013

We’re proud to help Women’s Health and Research Centre, a leading advocate for the health and social wellbeing of women and young people in Nigeria, launch a new campaign, the Love Collection, on World AIDS Day. The Love Collection showcases artists and supporters interpretation of love, support and solidarity for people living with HIV and AIDS.

Stigmatization remains one of the most challenging aspects of the fight against HIV/AIDS in Nigeria. It is the main reason people are afraid to see a doctor to determine their status and to seek proper care. Of the 3.4 million Nigerians living with HIV, 40% do not currently know their status.

As a part of the Love Collection, anyone can contribute by posting artwork or an image on WHARC’s Facebook page, these are then added and exhibited alongside existing work.  The campaign, launched in conjunction with World AIDS Day, will run throughout December, it will support the fight against HIV in Nigeria and raise awareness of the urgent need to address stigmatization and social isolation of people living with HIV/AIDS.

Concept partner: Måndag | Photos: Evelin Kask | Illustration: Miia Vistilä | Design: Niko Kempas