Say NO: End Violence Against Women

November 24, 2009

Based on country data it is estimated that up to 70% of women experience violence from men in their lifetime, making it one of the most alarming human rights issues of our time. UNIFEM’s multi-year advocacy initiative Say NO stimulates actions on ending violence against women and girls. Last year, more than 5 million people signed an internet petition to make ending violence against women a top priority worldwide. Since then more than 600 parliamentarians and 69 state leaders and ministers have signed.

This year, the social web’s being put to good use once again: UNIFEM has launched a global action platform which showcases and counts actions – such as volunteering, donating campaigning at schools –  to end pandemic of violence. The initial target is to reach 100 000 actions by March and 1 million in one year. Say NO is also using Twitter and Facebook. Below’s a sample from UNIFEM’s Youtube channel where Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Kidman encourages taking action to put an end to violence.

Tomorrow’s the 10th anniversary of the International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women.