Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Year: 2016-2018
Where: Kenya
Project Status:

Creating a family planning movement by Kenyans, for Kenyans.

We talked to young Kenyans in six counties, and were surprised by what we heard. With 78% of Kenyans under the age of 36, family planning is of crucial importance for the future of the country and its citizens. The right to quality family planning for all adults is guaranteed in the Kenyan Constitution and Health Act. The decision has been made, now it needs to be turned into reality.

#Formnigani is a movement meant to amplify the voices of young Kenyans in favour of family planning. The theme of ‘Form ni gani?’ means ‘What’s the plan?’ in Sheng, a street slang form of Swahili. Whatever your dreams are for yourself, your loved ones or your country, you need a plan to get there. The project is an experiment in whether creative communication can be used to support the ongoing work of advocacy groups by magnifying the true voice of the people.

The movement was launched on 17th of April 2018 in Kenya. A hundred pregnant men kicked off the campaign by posing the question ‘What if men got pregnant?’. The movement focuses mainly on social media, PR and events. No paid media will be used. Cutting edge creative talents from photographers, musicians and dancers to poets, street artists and comedians give their personal take on family planning – and the need for it.

Once #formnigani is implemented, tested, and measured, we hope that the approach can be replicated in other Kenyan counties –  or even countries.