Why I Plan

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Year: 2016-2018
Where: Kenya
Project Status:

Why I Plan is a two-year creative research and campaign initiative lead by M4ID and implemented together with Kenyan advocacy and creative partners.

The campaign will support existing Kenyan family planning advocacy efforts through the creation of a public constituency of support for the implementation of modern and youth-friendly family planning policies in a set of counties in Kenya. The project will culminate in the launch of a sub-national transmedia campaign in 2018 that frames family planning as a means for unlocking the potential of women and girls and as an effective vehicle for economic and social development.

We are currently developing the research methodology. The project aim is to test and evaluate how creative communication and campaigning can be leveraged to support the achievement of global family planning goals. In particular, the project will evaluate how creative campaigning strengthens Kenyan FP stakeholders in advocating for increased prioritisation of family planning at county level.

The project approach combines creative research methods and the development of a contextually appropriate multi-channel message. The campaign design will be informed by the existing SRHR & family planning policy environment as well as by desk research and design research insights. Creative research tools and methods will be employed to better understand community and decision maker needs as well as test and refine communication messages.

We hope that the learning from these methods will also contribute to the methodological mix of creative campaigning efforts in the future.