Panch Paar

User-centred systems design to reduce childhood vulnerability to disease
Year: 2016-2018
Where: Bihar, India
Project Status:

Panch Paar, beyond five in Hindi, is a two year design research and intervention project aiming to understand the risk factors and states of vulnerability that impact under five mortality in Bihar, India.

The project will then aim to develop a process by which children at risk are identified, screened, tracked and ultimately cared for through a suite of innovative solutions.

The work is lead by Delhi based Vihara Innovation Network (VIN) in collaboration with CARE India. M4ID’s role in the consortium is to advise on service design and design strategy with hands on participation in field work and workshops.

Having started in the autumn of 2016, the project is in the research for design phase, with contextual inquiry being conducted in the Samastipur region in Bihar into the household experience of childhood vulnerability.