Maternity Ward Improvement Opportunity Assessments

Facility assessment and innovation design in India
Year: 2016
Where: India
Project Status:

In Autumn 2016, M4ID is partnering with several States in India on a project assessing a set of facilities together with facility staff to enable the development of a plan to build on opportunities for improving on maternal and newborn care with support of concepts developed in the Lab.our Ward project. As a part of the work, M4ID will conduct a series of interviews and innovation workshops with health authorities, midwives, medical professionals and mothers, in order to gather insights on their process, perceptions of their working space and service experiences.

The research aims to understand user needs around improving the quality of intrapartum and immediate postpartum care and will inform the planning of the next phase, to co-develop products, services and architectural concepts in facilities.

The Lab.our Ward project is a cross-disciplinary design exploration to co-create and ignite dialogue around innovations for better intrapartum care experiences in low resource settings. The project’s goal is to enable a smoother and safer maternal and newborn care journey by focusing on the experience of care.