Lab.our Ward Piloting in Odisha

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation & New Venture Fund
Year: 2017-2018
Where: India
Project Status:

In this project the Lab.our Ward model is taken into pilot stage in two existing maternal health facilities in the State of Odisha, India.

During 2017 and 2018, a new pilot will be carried out in the Indian state of Odisha, with the aim of providing immediate improvements to two health care facilities in the Balasore district. In the first phase of the pilot, the existing solutions developed in the Lab.our Ward model, are tailored for the local context. In the second phase, during 2018, the solutions will be implemented. The third stage of the project will measure and evaluate the success and impact of the implemented solutions towards the end of the year.

This pilot brings to life the human-centred design process and the interdisciplinary approach used in the Lab.our Ward project, and gives a great opportunity to test the solutions and ideas developed during the explorative phase of the project. Part of the project is to develop sustainable strategies for scaling the Lab.our Ward approach and solutions in the challenging healthcare sector, and to build a case for the local government in Odisha to plan and carry out a wider health care improvements. 

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