Images as data

Global Good & Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Year: 2018
Where: Indonesia, India, Kenya, Uganda
Project Status:

Images as Data compiles visual documentation of patient journeys and healthcare facilities, providing insight for optimising global primary healthcare strategies

The Images as Data project involves capturing high-quality photographs of the overall environments of healthcare facilities and the systems outside of the facility that may affect care delivery. Some examples of the captured photographic data of primary healthcare facilities include, among others, storage systems, labs, equipment, water sources, roads and infrastructure access to a facility, transportation, and visual forms of communication. The project also places a strong emphasis on documenting the patient journey, capturing the experience, challenges and environments that patients encounter when seeking care.

The project is documenting the primary healthcare journey in different locations in India, Indonesia, Kenya, and Uganda. In addition to the documentation, M4ID is also designing an interactive online platform, so as to enable the collected data to support the dialogue and design of primary health care strategies for the future.