Group Antenatal Care Modeling for Guatemala

Year: 2019
Where: Guatemala
Project Status:

Together with Management Sciences for Health (MSH), we’re designing a contextually adapted group antenatal care model for communities in Guatemala.

Conventionally, antenatal care (ANC) has been provided on a one-on-one basis. However, in recent years group antenatal care models have emerged as a promising approach to deliver care during pregnancy. In 2016, M4ID collaborated with Management Sciences for Health (MSH) to design a group ANC care model and curriculum adapted for communities in Uganda and Kenya.

M4ID is collaborating with MSH again, to design, implement and scale a group ANC model to improve the quality of services in Guatemala. It aims to respond to indigenous mothers’ needs of community, rituals trust, and responsive, standards-based care. M4ID will work with local partners to co-create a model for group ANC that reflects the cultural and health system context.

M4ID is geared to do this using a human-centred design approach to identify specific user needs and preferences for both ANC clients and care providers. Using co-design methods, M4ID will refine and iterate on initial concepts and prototypes. It will be supporting MSH to adapt the service design model to the local context, including customisation of all relevant ANC materials such as pictures cards and job aids.

To kick-start the project, a small team from M4ID is conducting initial exploratory research in communities located in the Western Highlands in Guatemala. An immersion ensures access to first-hand local knowledge to later allow for greater contextualisation of outputs, and the team coordinates remotely with the in-country team. This will be followed by low-fidelity prototyping and eventually, testing in the same communities.

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