#Formnigani 2

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Year: 2018-2020
Where: Kenya
Project Status:

A project that focuses on the future of Kenya to creatively support ongoing family planning advocacy.

#Formnigani 1 (2016-2018) was an experimental initiative to determine how creative communication can support ongoing, in-country family planning advocacy. Project results, along with feedback from partners and over 385 million online impressions in Kenya indicated that creative communications has a critical role to play in increasing public support and decision-making for family planning services.

For the follow-up project, #formnigani 2, we are now working in close cooperation with advocacy partners to elevate family planning higher on the political agenda in Kenya. The project targets critical areas of advocacy and governmental decision-making timelines with specific influence strategies, creative engagement, futures focused content, and activities driving visibility for the issue.

‘Form ni gani?’ means ‘What’s the plan?’ in Sheng, a slang form of Swahili. In this second phase or #formnigani 2, the focus is on ‘What’s the plan for future Kenya?’ The campaign kicks off in June 2019 by bringing the Kenya of 2063 (the year Kenya will celebrate its centenary) to the present. We are inviting young progressive Kenyans to join future-focused Think Tanks in Nairobi and Bungoma. Based on data and animated by the creative imaginations of young Kenyans, outcomes from the Think Tanks will include several alternative scenarios for Kenya. Our Kenyan creative influencers will transform these outcomes into art, installations and immersive experiences of the future. The outcomes will also feed into creative #Formnigani Debates, where Kenyans will use these scenarios to debate future implications and needs.

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