Newborn Care Exploration

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Year: 2017-2018
Where: India, Nigeria
Project Status:

Globally, some of the largest contributors to neonatal mortality are preterm birth, intrapartum complications and infections.

Newborn mortality keeps decreasing globally, but advancements have been slower than in child and maternal health. Many of these deaths could be prevented by providing temperature stability, respiratory support, hydration and nutrition and diagnosing and treating conditions early.

M4ID has launched a newborn health exploration and design project which explores new approaches and alternative methods for improving newborn health and neonatal care in low resource settings. In this project we aim also to discover ways to improve existing methods.

The need for the incorporation of a strong newborn care component was identified during the Lab.our Ward design project. The exploration work was carried out in 2017, with some of the research conducted in the state of Odisha in India.

In February 2018 M4ID invited global health experts to Helsinki to innovate new solutions to newborn healthcare in low-resource settings. The outcomes were a set of solution concepts for further development. During spring 2018 some of these concepts will be prototyped in selected facilities.

The discoveries in this project will be part of the Lab.our Ward model.