Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Year: 2017
Where: India, Nigeria, Kenya
Project Status:

Partnering with women to co-create for a more holistic perspective and new services for sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing.

Incorporating women’s wider perspectives in programming and actively partnering with them to develop the solutions that will directly impact needs to be of greater emphasis. Only by better understanding women’s actual core experiences and by working in partnership with them can they be empowered for a better future.

Core is an exciting and potentially ground breaking new project with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation aimed at better understanding, equipping and empowering women to lead healthier lives. We will work directly with women in Nigeria, India and Kenya to gain a more holistic understanding of their sexual and reproductive health needs throughout their lives and then co-design more relevant and innovative service solutions with them.

Core will develop an organic, grounded and integrated approach to discover hidden needs and unleash innovative new solutions for women’s health needs across her life course. The project will utilize human centered design as the methodology for a more woman-centered, life course approach. By combining the life course approach with perspectives from women, new knowledge will emerge that will lead to more comprehensive interventions and investments.