Obama inviting participation through social media

May 24, 2009

Obama is delivering on his promise of a new era of open government and inclusive policy making, facilitated by social media.  Americans are, throughout May and June, invited to send in, through mail, e-mail and via a website, views on how to make government more transparent and prioritise policy plans.  After this brainstorming phase, key ideas will then be debated on a blog, after which a wiki will be opened for people to jointly draft the language to be used to present the best proposals.   These will flow in to an Open Government Directive that will guide agencies in adopting the proposals.  

M4ID has long advocated that non-for-profits should work collaborately like this, reaching out to programme beneficiaries, partners, donors.  We searched for examples to share from the development field but couldn’t identify an organization that has adopted this participatory approach.. will keep looking, and advocating.