No to criminals in Indian politics

March 30, 2009

An Indian civil society campaign, ‘No Criminals’, has been  launched  to enable citizens to appeal to political parties not to give tickets to people with criminal antecedents in the upcoming elections.  The campaign is using a number of social media and SMS tools to reach and engage their audience.. including having launched a few YouTube videos (below).

This effort is among a few new attempts by civil society and non-for-profits in India to use the Internet and social media for advocacy and campaigning, WHO’s South-East Asian Region, based in New Delhi, will also soon be launching a campaign for safer hospitals using online tools  (highlighted here next week).

Internet use is growing rapidly in India (estimated 60 million users currently) with more and more households connecting to broadband.. there is also prolific use of Internet cafes.   A 2007 report by Indian software industry association group Nasscom estimated broadband subscribers, then at 3.2 million, to hit 20 million by 2010.   JuxtConsult, a New Delhi-based online research and advisory company, also reports that 44% of Indian online traffic uses the Internet just for social networking.

This development opens up new, exciting opportunities for health advocacy and campaigning in India and the wider South- East Asia region.