Newly Launched mWomen to Address Mobile Gender Gap

October 8, 2010

Hillary Clinton, joined by Cherie Blair, yesterday launched the new mWomen initiative,  which aims to bridge the mobile phone gender gap identified in a recent GSMA study.  The study found that in total, 300 million fewer women than men in developing countries owned a mobile.  The initiative’s goal is to reduce this by 50% in the next three years. Several mobile networks in developing countries, including Vodaphone, Telefonica, Roshan, and Mobitel, have pledged significant support for mWomen.  Concrete pledges include, among others, working to increase women’s access by developing apps designed for women, instating tariffs created especially for women as well as the development of a female-specific handset (!).  mWomen will also create projects to educate men about the positive aspects of women owning a mobile phone.   Check out the launch event video: