New Course on Crisis Management and Interactive Dialogue Environments

February 10, 2011

Tomorrow we start a new MA course over at Aalto University exploring new media concepts for conflict resolution. The course, called ‘Crisis Management and Interactive Dialogue Environments’, is a continuation of the successful collaboration between WHO, M4ID and Aalto, which resulted in 3 new social media prototypes for WHO’s Health Action in Crises.   Read more about those here.

The 2011 study project partner is the Crisis Management Initiative (CMI), a non-profit organization headed by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Martti Ahtisaari.  CMI works to resolve conflict and to build sustainable peace internationally. The organization is now seeking to utilize more new media and social media tools in their work. The solutions resulting from the course will most likely be in the area of new media tools supporting multi-stakeholder dialogue in conflict environments, systems and processes utilizing audio-visual communications, data-visualization techniques or social media applications.   Will post about progress, and you can also follow the course blog if interested in this area.