Meet Nazalius Ndinayo

Medical Fellow
March 8, 2016


Nazalius is a nurse-midwife who runs his own health outreach clinic in Mukono District in Central Uganda and joins our team for the spring semester.

2016 has brought about lots of exciting developments at M4ID, including kicking off our new Fellowship program. We are excited to introduce Nazalius Ndinayo as our first ever Medical Fellow!

As a fellow, Nazalius works closely with our team members, contributing local and professional experience to the design of the projects. Nazalius graduated from Kampala International University (Western Campus), Uganda in May 2014 with a Certificate in Nursing and Midwifery, and currently manages his own general and maternal health facility in the Central Ugandan Mukono district. 

What’s prompted your career path?

“I originally dreamed of becoming a doctor, as I didn’t know there were different levels of health workforce. Financial considerations then lead me to opt for a nursing degree. I’ve always had a calling to work with and for people. In my community, health workers are well respected, but my country has too few of them; there is a constant job market for health workers.”

In 2015, you took part in the International Development and Design Summit in Chennai, India, and now you work in design projects with M4ID. What’s it like working with designers?

“As a nurse, I felt privileged to work cross-disciplinarily with designers and engineers in India, it was a real eye opener for me. For example, one of the projects we worked on was about anaemia prevention: it’s sometimes difficult to get patients to adhere to daily iron tablets’ intake, so we were working on ideas to deliver iron supplements in a more accessible ways, in for example drinking water.

Working with designers has helped me realise that alternatives exist and made me discover unconventional delivery methods and culturally appropriate ways of packaging health care.

Working at M4ID, I’m also excited to be designing for optimal use. In Uganda for example, many private health care facilities are built like normal houses without any guiding design to make them more user centered. At M4ID, I’ve been able to contribute my knowledge to support better design of health care delivery.”

Watch Nazalius’ closing speech from the International Development and Design Summit in Chennai, India.