Meet M4ID – Mridu Mehta

April 17, 2014

Mridu Mehta is a service designer and design researcher. At M4ID, Mridu leads the research and design of the Mimba platform. Currently at concept stage, Mimba is envisioned as an online platform, enabling rapid information sharing, coordinated advocacy, crowdsourcing, volunteering and self-organization on behalf of women’s health and rights.

“We want to build an online community that is designed for long-term and sustained engagement on these issues. A community force to be reckoned with!” tells Mridu.

“The team at M4ID is running co-creation workshops with potential users to ideate on how to engage and activate people. We’re reaching out to collaborators here, in India, Africa and the Middle-East to gather insights and build basic prototypes.”

Mridu previously dabbled in the startup world, developing an app for health workers to assist in real time collection and access to immunization information in Bihar, India. She has also worked as an Information and Communication Designer visualizing sustainability scenarios.

Mridu holds a BA in Communication Design from the National Institute of Design, India and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Creative Sustainability at Aalto University, Finland.

On a lighter note, she claims to have little interest in online games, but recently we’ve caught her raving about the newly released Monument Valley.

“It’s one of the most exquisitely designed games I have ever played. It’s mesmerizing! I recommend everyone to try it.”

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