More than 2 Million Iran Election Tweets Recorded

July 2, 2009

Along with the rest of the world, M4ID and partners have been following the Iran Twitter story with great interest.. the attention and traditional media coverage has really brought home the message that social media has revolutionized the way we communicate and come together around social change issues.

The Web Ecology Project has also now  published a thorough report entitled “The Iranian Election on Twitter: The First Eighteen Days”. In addition to looking at specific terms like “#iranelection” or “iran”, the study includes 12 terms related to the Iran situation, giving a more complete overview of events.  The study found that from June 7th till June 26th,  2,024,166 tweets were recorded about Iran and an estimated 480,000 Twitter users contributed to the conversation.  Amazing figures!  The full report can be viewed from this link (PDF).