Mimba: Skill-sharing for women’s rights

Mimba pilot starts
October 25, 2017

M4ID is piloting Mimba, an online skill-sharing community for women’s rights activists.

Many grassroots groups and people advocating for women’s rights often lack the resources to make their voices heard. Mimba will be a place for the women’s rights community to learn, share skills and advocate together for the causes they believe in.

Mimba provides a voice and community to small actors in the field, provides them with the practical skills they need and connects those interested in women’s rights to work together. Individuals and groups who need help with a practical task in their work, such as setting up a social media page, website, translating a document, legal advice, photography etc. can set up a profile on Mimba and post about their needs.

Volunteers locally and globally can connect with them to provide the help needed. At the same time, they can learn from each other, work together for causes that matter and gain wider visibility for their work.

  • FOR WOMEN’S RIGHTS ACTIVISTS Mimba provides a platform to connect with likeminded peers globally and locally, tap into a wider resource for additional support with practical tasks and gives visibility to their cause.
  • FOR VOLUNTEERS Mimba provides a way to practically assist an organization working for a cause that matters to them, a way to connect with others interested in the same cause and learn from them.

Mimba was started by M4ID as a global community for global health advocates and activists. It is supported by the MacArthur foundation and works on a voluntary basis. Currently M4ID is piloting the Mimba platform with women’s rights groups working in India and Kenya and elsewhere in the world.

The long-term vision is to create a platform that will engage, educate and organize activists as well as form supportive communities around women’s rights causes and those behind them.

The website for the Mimba pilot can be found on www.mimba.info. Sign up and join the Mimba community of changemakers!