Mimba is Gathering Steam!

April 14, 2014

In the first of a series, M4ID held a workshop last week to gather insights on what motivates people to activism. We invited a motley bunch of fellow enthusiasts including a doctor, a public health specialist, a media professional, an author, designers, researchers and supportors to share with us their experiences in online activism and women’s health and rights issues.

We thank all participants for sharing your time, enthusiasm, and more importantly, your experiences and rich insights with us. We’ve validated some of our assumptions, found others misleading and learnt a lot. We hope the workshop did the same for you, left you with food for thought and hopefuly a greater interest in your own activism professionally or otherwise. We hope you’ll continue the conversation and welcome all feedback and comments. Your engagement will help take Mimba from an idea to reality!
We are going to host a couple of workshops in Delhi in a few days time. Thanks to you we feel refreshed and ready to repeat the challenge in India!



Currently at a planning and concepting stage, Mimba is a digital activist service for the advancement of women’s sexual, reproductive and maternal health and rights globally.