Meet M4ID – Melanie Wendland

June 3, 2014

Melanie Wendland is the Director of Service Design and Innovation at M4ID.

Melanie leads our service design portfolio, especially the project Better Outcomes in Labour Difficulty (BOLD) on improving health during pregnancy and childbirth.

“As a designer and a mother, there is nothing more exciting than being able to combine the two in your job and creatively design solutions for issues that are so close to your own heart. Seeing the reality of how a majority of women in this world give birth, at the same time risking theirs and their babies’ lives, has made me realise the potentially huge impact design innovation can make in this domain. While service design cannot fix the lack of resources or infrastructure,  it can build better bridges between the available resources and infrastructure at hand.”

Before joining M4ID in February 2014, Melanie worked in service design for over seven years on a global scale, in both academia and industry. Her key interest are transformative services.

Transform.. what?

“Transformative services are services that change the way an individual or group behaves with the goal to foster wellbeing. These services are looking at ways to bring about behavioural change, be it culturally, socially or economically”, tells Melanie.

Health and wellbeing are close to her heart outside of Melanie’s M4ID work. She’s especially interested in healthy diet and nutrition. Watch below her recent talk from the 2013 Service Design Network Conference, entitled, Shop.Eat.Live. From supermarket to super service market.

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