Meet Veronica Bluguermann

Senior Service Designer
January 14, 2016

2016 has gotten off to a truly wonderful start with new team members joining us from South-America and South-East Asia. We are thrilled to welcome new talented team members on board, starting with Veronica Bluguermann!

Psst.. we’ll be announcing more open positions in the coming weeks, follow our blog for updates.

Veronica Bluguermann is a Senior Service Designer at M4ID.  Originally from Argentina, she joins us in Helsinki from our Scandinavian neighbour city of Copenhagen, Denmark. In her previous work, Veronica has carried out extensive healthcare design research projects with hospitals in European cities, as well as lectured on Service Design at a university level and designed mobile device interfaces.

Veronica, it’s quite a jump from designing for the European public sector to designing for global maternal health. What guides your life and career choices?

“Exploration driven by curiosity is the driver of my professional and personal life.  I’ve lived in more than 5 major cities of the world; I’ve tried different sports and hobbies; I’ve recently volunteered as barista to learn the science and art of coffee…I like trying new things and specially to get challenged. This job offers me that, on top of addressing the most relevant issues in society with a designer mindset. Bingo!

This is actually the second time Veronica has moved to Helsinki. Veronica has an MA Degree in Industrial and Strategic Design from Aalto University School of Arts in Helsinki, Finland and a BA in Industrial Design from  Universidad de Buenos Aires in her native Argentina.

At M4ID, Veronica leads the iDeliver project, designing a digital support tool for midwives and birth attendants. She is also a part of the Service Think Tank for the upcoming Lab.our Ward exhibition at Women Deliver.

We look forward to introducing Veronica to our partners in person this coming spring.

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