Meet Parvati Pillai

Graphic Design Intern
March 15, 2017

Parvati Pillai started her Graphic Design internship at M4ID in February. She is originally from India where she attained degree in Visual Communication from MIT Institute of Design, specialising in animation. Currently Parvati is pursuing her Master’s Degree in Visual Communication Design at Aalto University, Helsinki.

Prior to her move to Finland Parvati worked in India in different designer positions for advertising, retail and NGOs, including being the head of design at retail company Chumbak.

Tell us little bit about your previous work in design?

I have worked both in commercial and non-commercial organisations. What I really like in working for a cause is that you are not just a plain designer anymore, creating aesthetically beautiful things is not enough, instead you must find ways to create a real impact in your audience for the sake of the cause.

What is the most exciting thing about interning for M4ID?

This is such a great opportunity for me to be part of multi-disciplinary team. I am especially eager to gain better understanding of service and interface designing.

Have you noticed any differences between visual design studies in India vs. Finland?

Yes, I feel like the approach in Finland is more open. It is not only about graduating and getting a degree, but the students are also encouraged to pursue the fields of work they are interested in without restrictive views on professional boundaries. I also enjoy the internationality of students which exposes me to different perspectives and cultural influences.

Welcome to the team Parvati!