Meet our Partners

Cheryl Jemmot, nurse-midwife and naturopathic physician
December 1, 2015

Sometimes seeing your own work through someone else’s eyes can provide a fresh new perspective. That’s what has happened at our Helsinki office over the past three weeks: we’ve had the pleasure of working with Cheryl Jemmott, certified nurse-midwife, who brought along a wealth of experience in maternal, child and reproductive health – and a breath of fresh air from Ghana.

Here at M4ID Cheryl worked as a content expert for the BOLD project. As part of this project, we’ve developed a set of tools for empowering pregnant women in low resource settings. Cheryl lent us her knowledge and experience, giving us valuable insights into the content development of these tools and prototypes from a midwife’s point of view.

But we weren’t the only ones getting new, useful ideas.

“My passion has always been in maternal, child and reproductive health, and in particular empowering underserved women. I was trained as a registered nurse, certified nurse-midwife, and naturopathic physician, and am originally from New York, but have spent the past two decades living in Ghana. I’ve worked at various levels of the health care spectrum for over 25 years in the US, Ghana and Zambia.”

“Working with non-clinicians at M4ID has given me a different perspective and approach to health service delivery. Reframing, brainstorming and ideating around innovative possibilities of interactive visual tools and communication prototypes opened up a new world of potential solutions to age-old challenges.”

“When you work in low resource settings for as long as I have, you can become numb and much more tolerant of adverse conditions because there hardly ever appears to be a real solution; the issues seem too numerous to impact.”

“But coming here was an opportunity to work with fresh ideas – and that has inspired me to continue to be part of the process that changes the circumstances as opposed to feeling overwhelmed. It’s keeping me thirsty and in search of opportunities to make a difference. So it’s given me hope!”

“Now that I’ve become aware of the world of service design, it’s causing me to look at things in a new way. I have a new pair of glasses to view maternal and child health through – and with the foundation that I already have from decades of working in the field, I’m equipped to seek out different, innovative ways of managing the issues that come up for mothers and babies in these settings.”

“It has been a wonderful experience to be here. I’m very impressed with the M4ID mission – and the actualization of your mission, you’re really accomplishing what you’re trying to accomplish. Everyone is very committed to their work and share the same vision. Everyone’s work is valued, and everyone is invited to participate. That to me is very special, something that I haven’t seen anywhere else.”

“I will go home excited about the work done here because I believe it will have a huge impact once it’s implemented. I’ve seen how innovative service design works in maternal, child and reproductive health care in low resource settings – and that keeps me hopeful.”

Thank you Cheryl for sharing your fresh perspectives with us!

Meet our partner: Cheryl Jemmott

  • Trained as a registered nurse, certified nurse-midwife, and naturopathic physician
  • Originally from New York, but has spent the past two decades living in Ghana
  • Worked at various levels of the health care spectrum for over 25 years in the US, Ghana and Zambia
  • Has provided primary health care services for women, newborns and children; led community outreach programs; developed clinical training manuals for nursing and midwifery students; worked as a technical advisor to ministries of health; and managed NGO projects aimed at reducing maternal mortality in sub-Saharan Africa