Meet Michaela Istokova

Visual Creative
June 9, 2016

Michaela Istokova works as a Visual Creative in M4ID. Her specialisations include ideation and execution of logos & visual identities, 2D vector game art and both digital and traditional illustration. At M4ID she is a part of the team developing our technical advocacy programme, as well as using her skills on our ongoing projects focused on maternal and newborn health.

Before joining M4ID, Michaela worked as a freelance contractor with clients such as Mothers in Business and the Finnish HIV Center. She has also worked as a game artist in an educational games studio, a graphic designer in a marketing agency and a lead art director in the biggest animal rights NGO in Slovakia. Michaela is soon finishing her BA (Hons) Graphic Design from University of Hertfordshire in London.

Michaela is originally from Bratislava, Slovakia but she has been been living in Helsinki since summer 2012, together with her boyfriend, a black furry dog Gimli and a silver fluffy cat Tuhka.

Michaela, what is in your opinion the role of graphic design in global development?

“Graphic design plays a very vital role in global development, making the tools, resources and objects we are developing more accessible and enjoyable to look at and to use. It’s a great feeling to know that I can use my know-how to provide someone with an aesthetically pleasing visual that carries the message where it should and to whom it should and benefits the greater good at the same time.”

How are you handling the long Finnish winters?

“It’s not easy, especially November is mostly awful, but I have learnt some survival strategies. These are mainly: long walks with my dog in spite of the grey gloomy weather, warm tea with honey and lemon, meeting friends in cafés, glögi and yoga and dance (not necessarily together). Oh yes, and my bright lamp and the D supplements help where my sisu fails!”