Meet Mia Hytönen

Office Manager
June 16, 2016

We are happy to announce that Mia Hytönen has joined M4ID as our new Office Manager. Mia will be managing M4ID’s office functions and services. She’ll also coordinate the human resource processes and supports M4ID’s management team in operations, administration and finance.

Mia joins the team with work experience from international exchange student programs and logistics. She has also broadened her worldview and multicultural understanding by living and working in Australia, studying management in Hong Kong and volunteering in India.

What are your thoughts about joining M4ID?

“I am excited to participate in the global work we do among social, health and development challenges. It is inspirational to see how ideas are brought to life by developing services and solutions that are both practical and purposeful. I’m looking forward to supporting M4ID team’s amazing work by ensuring that our core functions run smoothly and the office environment is functional and supportive for everyone.”

Mia, welcome on board!