Meet Ina Fiebig

Visual Creative
May 11, 2016

Ina Fiebig joined the M4ID team in February and works in our creative communications projects as a Visual Creative.

Ina, how would you describe yourself as a Visual Creative?

“I’ve always been multidisciplinary. This means I’m not a 100% graphic designer, rather I like mixing graphic design and illustrations and combining different styles and disciplines in my work.

I’m a firm believer that an illustrator/graphic designer shouldn’t just stick to one style throughout her career. I see our profession like that of a tailor’s, making things specific to a project. Besides, I’m a very curious person, I love experimenting with different styles.

Of course every designer has a personal style, but it should come from within one’s own experience and life learning, not from copy-pasting what’s trendy right now. In my work, I see graphic design first and foremost as a service; illustration should also always serve a communication need, whether it is a story book or a conceptual need.”

Tell more about visual communication – how do you say a lot without actually using words?

“In creating effective visual communication, the designer must focus on the recipient; what is or could a visual curate in people’s minds? Images have the power to make you feel sad or excited, raise doubts, generate questions… this is what visual communication is ultimately about.

This day and age it’s of course important to focus on simplicity and clear information – how to design information in a way that is organised and accessible to the recipient.

I’m especially passionate about conceptual illustration, visualising the feel or the concept of a subject in a relatively open ended manner, rather than describing everything in detail.”

Originally from Germany, Ina’s been living and working in Berlin, Barcelona and currently in Helsinki. At M4ID, she hopes to be able to innovate on the visual style standards of NGOs and in doing so, come up with a new language of communication for health and development.

Ina, what’s your goal in the work you do?

“I think my work is successful if it tickles people in their heads, eyes and stomach and bring interest and support to the causes we advocate for.”

Learn more about Ina’s work from her portfolio