Meet Fang-yi Lee

Service Designer
July 3, 2017

Fang-yi Lee is a Service Designer at M4ID. She is originally from Taiwan where she attained a BA degree in Industrial Design from Tunghai University and worked for several years as a product designer, gaining work experience and competencies in diverse design practices. Fang-yi then moved to Finland where she completed her MA degree in Creative Sustainability at Aalto University.

At M4ID, Fang-yi supports the innovative service creation process, including through design research, concept development and rapid prototyping. Fang-yi is particularly developing solutions addressing the issue of newborn health in low-resource settings as well as HIV testing linked to care for adolescent girls.

Fang-yi, what is the most exciting thing about joining M4ID?

Over the years of my design journey, I have always had the belief that design can create a positive impact on a very diverse range of issues: from beautifying objects to driving organizational change. I have also pursued and always enjoyed working on projects with meaningful social impact. Therefore, working at M4ID is like my dream job! This job offers me a unique opportunity to utilize design approaches to explore and address health care issues in low-resource societies. In addition, I really enjoy the way that M4ID works in a multidisciplinary team manner and the deep collaboration we have with international experts.

You have now lived 4 years in Finland, what are the things you’ve enjoyed the most in here?

I really appreciate the flat organisational structure and the fact that I have been given so much trust in doing my work. In comparison, work culture in Taiwan tends to put people under supervision at work places. Having lived in Helsinki several years, I have formed the feel that many services in Finland are built upon believing in people. I genuinely enjoy being trusted in this way and in being able to trust others as well. Apart from the culture, I have also like very much the nature here as it’s so easy to access forests or waterfronts even when living in the city!