Meet Aapo Lunden

International Development Analyst
January 14, 2016

Aapo Lunden is our International Development Analyst at M4ID. Aapo’s interdisciplinary background comes from a masters degrees in Environmental Policy from London School of Economics and Sociology from Helsinki University as well as having studied at Vienna University and Aalto University.

At M4ID, Aapo has carried out the Lab.our Ward innovation and family planning research, lead the development of M4ID’s advisory network as well as building our knowledge sharing model. Previously Aapo has worked in nutrition, international relations, mining, fisheries, natural resources and biodiversity, and taught Sociology both at university and in the private sector.

Aapo, what do you do to unwind?

“My relationship to fishing in remote places could be mildly described as “passionate”. From spring to autumn, I try to maximize my time at the streams and waterways to chase the perfect catch.”

To create the perfect excuse to absorb in his hobby, Aapo also developed a research interest in fisheries which later on led for a more serious investigation, ending up being the milieu of his thesis research.

Learn more about Aapo’s interest in the politics of ecological connectivity from his 2015 Master’s Thesis.