M4ID at Mobile Africa Event

August 4, 2010

M4ID is pleased to have been invited to speak at Mobile Africa – Europe’s largest and most innovative happening on mobile opportunities in Africa.  The event includes speakers ranging from Esko Aho, Executive Vice President, Corporate Relations and Responsibility, Nokia and Hossein Moiin, Chief Technology Officer, Nokia Siemens Networks to Marlon Parker, founder of JamiiX (see below post), and Jessica Colaco, a TED fellow and founder of iHub, Kenya. This will be followed by three interactive clinics on mobile applications, solutions and supportive funding.  The afternoon will be all about bringing forth the most innovative young entrepreneurs from both North Europe and various African nations (where also M4ID will be presented).  A live online bridge to a parallel Mobile Web in Africa event will then be opened, launching a developer debate between Helsinki and Johannesburg. Looking forward to it!