Liisa Vilkkumaa appointed Director of Communication and Campaigns

April 1, 2015

We are pleased to announce that Liisa Vilkkumaa has been appointed as our new Director of Communication and Campaigns. Liisa will lead M4ID’s growing communications portfolio and take forward our flagship development and health advocacy and campaigning programmes. Liisa, an award winning creative, brings with her a decade of experience in designing and executing communication strategies, creative digital campaigns and marketing concepts for international brands and social causes.

“Communication has undergone major shifts over the last years, and there are unprecedented opportunities today for mobilizing people across the globe in support of social change. I’m thrilled to be able to lend my skills to empowering individuals, civil society and governments in addressing our biggest challenges and look forward to helping our partners harness this power in support of their missions”

– Liisa

We extend a warm welcome to Liisa and look forward to introducing her to our partners around the globe!