Lab.our Ward piloting in Odisha

Improving the birth experience in India
May 12, 2017

The Lab.our ward project brings maternal health experts, product, space and service design together to improve the birth experience in low resource settings.

The project finds new approaches to the design of the labour ward space, its services and the user experience. The aim is to improve quality of care for both the woman and the care provider through the redesign of the maternity ward.

During 2017, a new pilot will be carried out in the Indian state of Odisha, with the aim of providing immediate improvements to a set of facilities in the Balasore district. In the first phase of the pilot, the existing solutions are tailored for the local context and other possibilities fitting the time and scope of the project are explored. In the second phase in August-September 2017, the solutions will be taken into practice in two Balasore health facilities. The third stage of the project will measure and evaluate the success and impact of the implemented solutions.

The pilot brings to life the human-centred design process and the multi-disciplinary approach used in the Lab.our Ward project and gives a great opportunity to test the solutions and ideas developed during the explorative phase of the project.

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Illustration by Amar Shaw and Petter Eklund.