Meet M4ID – Justina Vengraitytė

April 3, 2014

Justina Vengraitytė is a Creative and Visual Designer at M4ID, working with illustrations, creative concepts and UX designs. She is mainly working with our service design projects, and lately her focus has been on our joint project with WHO, Better Outcomes in Labor Difficulty (BOLD).

“Over the course of the BOLD research and design process, I will develop an open source online service concept for capturing, accessing and sharing qualitative research data so that we can accelerate innovation and the design of new, appropriate services for low resource settings” tells Justina.

“Sharing tools and processes for the public domain allows for our service design work to have a wider impact”

Justina holds a Bachelor degree in graphic and industrial design from Vilnius Art Academy, Lithuania and is finishing up a Master’s degree in International Design Business Management at Aalto University, Finland. In her free time, Justina is an avid runner – her recommendation for a good springtime running soundtrack? Cirrus by Bonobo.

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