JamiiX – Community Driven Innovation from ‘Ugly Town’

August 3, 2010

Last night we witnessed the launch of JamiiX, a product from South-African Reconstructed Living Lab, a community organization working in Bridge Town, also know as Ugly Town.  The tool came to life organically: ex gang members and drug users were supported and trained in social media, they then realized the enormous potential of drug counseling through mobile chat MxIt.  The mobile based support service proved so popular  that it couldn’t be sustained on MxIt, and the team pulled together to develop a tailored service – JamiiX.

JamiiX is basically a web and mobile based tool that enables users to manage multiple conversations from different social media and instant messaging platforms and to provide counseling and support services via cloud computing.  The service has worked extremely well, in the first months more than 100,000 people received counseling through it.  A great, inspirational example of user-led innovation.