Innovative tools for maternal health in humanitarian settings

March 2, 2011

We’ve finalized the design stage of our Women’s Refugee Commission (WRC) project.  The overall goal of the project is to improve maternal health care in humanitarian settings through changing the behaviour of health practitioners. To support that, we’re building a professional community of practice and tools provided that will help members prioritize and adopt key maternal health interventions at the field level.

Guided by WRC’s research, we’ve used mobile and Facebook as the key platforms.  We’ve designed a range of applications to support the community, among others:

  • A ‘share your practices’ survey application to capture and enable monitoring of skills/practices
  • A ‘lives saved counter’ to show the impact of the collective (as many work in isolation and do not feel their work is recognized) and to monitor clinical interventions used in the field
  • A multimedia  ‘best practices and lessons learnt’ application to share and build the knowledge of the community
  • A mobile SMS ‘stay in touch’ application, and
  • A rewarding system for activities undertaken by the community

Can’t wait for the launch and for the tools to be put use!