IFC Online Attended by Delegates from 42 Countries

June 4, 2009

IFC Online – the world’s first international virtual fundraising conference – attracted around 1,800 delegates from 399 organisations in 42 countries.  The inaugural IFC Online – staged by the Resource Alliance – was held on 12-14 May 2009. Focusing on digital fundraising, it featured presentations by the world’s leading digital fundraising experts, including M4ID’s Managing Director Mari Tikkanen.

Most of the organisations represented at IFC Online were national-based NGOs and INGOs. There were also delegates from schools, universities, hospitals, health foundations and arts organisations.

Delegate feedback has, according to Resource Alliance, been extremely positive: 67% of delegates rated the conference as either very good or excellent, and 99 % said they would consider returning to the next edition of IFC Online, to be held in 2010.  “The first IFC Online has been a fantastic success,” says Alan Bird, director of marketing and communications at the Resource Alliance. “By reaching so many organisations in so many countries, IFC Online demonstrated the potential of a virtual conference to take Resource Alliance’s training and development messages into the nooks and crannies of the global fundraising community”.

M4ID hopes to speak about viral marketing techniques at the 2010 webinar.