iDeliver, a digital support tool for intrapartum care, moving on to next phase

November 9, 2017

iDeliver is a digital tool that supports skilled birth attendants with guidance, documentation and relevant data during intrapartum care. For more information about the project and its backgrounds, see the project page.

The pilot was implemented in May in three facilities in Transmara district in Kenya. The objective of the next phase of iDeliver is to develop the next service module. While the pilot was built and implemented for assisting midwives during the assessment at arrival, the new module is focused in developing tools for monitoring labour and delivery.  iDeliver seeks to replace the paper based partograph with a digital tool that facilitates the data collections and provides recommendations based on national and international standards of quality of care.  The labour monitoring tool, called SELMA, has been developed by WHO, a partner in this project.

M4ID will now, together with the technical partner team from VecnaCares and clinical experts from John Hopkins University, conduct the user research in Kenya in early December 2017.